Mustafa Ozan Alpay

Hi! My name is Ozan (IPA: oʊzɒn), and I am a Computer Engineer.

I’ve recently graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU) Department of Computer Engineering and I’m pursuing a master’s degree there as well.

Currently I’m working as a Software Engineer at Bayzat (since August 2021). I mainly focus on backend development, but I’ve touched some frontend and mobile code as well. I am actively developing software using Spring Boot with Kotlin and writing integration and unit tests.

Previously I’ve had internships at METU Data Mining Research Group, OBSS Technology, and JotForm. During my undergraduate studies, I was a student assistant for CENG140 and CENG230 (C Programming) courses for a year.

Even though I am familiar with different programming languages, I find myself most proficient in Java, Python, and SQL. I am familiar with C++, C, Haskell, PHP, and JavaScript; however, I don’t use them actively anymore.

I am a proud Linux user, and I enjoy trying different distros from time to time. Git is my to-go versioning tool, and I love playing with Docker to challenge myself. Nowadays, PostgreSQL is my favorite RDMS, and I love the speed and ease of Redis. While creating online services I use Spring Boot for JVM languages, and I mostly use Flask for Python (I also used Django briefly).

I consider myself as an avid learner, a passionate developer and a very curious human being. I enjoy playing the guitar (since 2006), studying different languages and cultures. My mother tongue is Turkish, and I am fluent in English. I speak Spanish in a limited professional context, and I have limited understanding of French. I studied Japanese 15 years ago, but I forgot most of it. I’m hoping to pick it up some day again. I also love traveling, but unfortunately since the pandemic I haven’t had much chance. I’ve visited 24 countries so far, and I’m hoping to visit more in the future.

You can contact me through Twitter, LinkedIn or e-mail (m.ozan.alpay [at] gmail [dot] com).